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Applied Prevention Science International. (2021) Emphasizing the “M” in M & E: why is monitoring Important? APSI Prevention Nuggets,

External website: https://www.apsintl.org/post/monitoring

Most of us working in prevention are challenged to think about the potential impact of our work. Preventing substance use and similar problem behaviors among youth is a serious and ethical responsibility. We need to be sure that we are delivering evidence-based interventions and policies to the right audience, in the right setting, and in the most effective way. While we recognize that the methodologies of monitoring and evaluation are important at every step in the implementation process, we see monitoring as crucial for giving us ‘real-time’ data that can inform how well we are doing as we progress toward our goals. It also tells us what might be needed to improve our reach and delivery in time to make changes to ensure better outcomes and sustainability...

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