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Health Service Executive. (2021) Grant aid agreement: drug task force. As amended 2021. Health Service Executive, Dublin.

PDF (HSE Grant aid agreement - task forces form)

This is a grant application template form for drug task forces. It is provided by the HSE for information purposes only.

1. Introduction
1.1 This agreement (including the Schedule(s) hereto) sets out the basis on which the Health Service Executive will provide a grant to (the “Organisation”) for the purposes set out in the attached Schedule (s).
1.2 This agreement contains the terms and conditions which apply to any grant the Health Service Executive makes to voluntary and community agencies/organisations and any other organisations receiving funding under Section 39 of the Health Act 2004. Agencies/organisations awarded a grant by the Health Service Executive on the basis of a grant aid application must accept and agree to these terms and conditions before any grant is paid.
1.3 In this agreement, the ‘Executive’ means the Health Service Executive, the “Organisation” means the agency/organisation being offered grant aid, ‘Grant’ refers to the grant aid funding provided by the Executive under clause 2.3 of this Agreement and ‘Participant’ means a person who participates in the activities or is in receipt of services provided by the Organisation.
1.4 The person who signs this agreement on behalf of the Organisation must be authorised to do so and will usually be either the chair of it’s governing body, or a senior officer/staff member delegated with authority to so do.
1.5 At any time, if the Organisation fails to meet these terms and conditions, or cannot satisfy the Executive that it is meeting them, the Executive may revoke, suspend or cancel the Organisation’s Grant. The Organisation may also be liable to repay all or any portion of the Grant already paid.

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