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Central Statistics Office. (2021) Recorded crime detection 2020. Dublin: Central Statistics Office.

External website: https://www.cso.ie/en/releasesandpublications/ep/p...

Detection rates vary considerably across different crime types. The highest detection rates for crimes reported in 2020 was in dangerous or negligent acts, where more than five of every six recorded crimes were detected (87%), and the lowest was in sexual offences, where one in ten crimes were detected (10%). More than four out of five homicide offences in 2020 have been detected. For crimes reported in 2020, the rate of detection for many crime types increased in comparison to the detection rates for 2019 crimes measured one year ago, for example in assaults and related offences (38% detected, an increase of five percentage points), robbery (31% detection rate, up five percentage points), burglary (22% detected, up eight percentage points), criminal damage (24% detected, up four percentage points) and public order offences (86% detected, up two percentage points). Users should note when considering crime trends the varying COVID-19 restrictions in place for much of 2020 and the likely impact of such restrictions on levels of crime.

Detection rates for crimes reported in 2019 are also updated in today’s publication, based on latest available data. The detection rate for sexual offences in 2019 has risen to one in five (20%) based on the latest available data, compared to just over one in ten (12%) when measured one year ago. Similar to the findings in last year’s publication, the rates of incidence of crimes for many crime types were higher in Dublin than outside Dublin, while detection rates tended to be lower in Dublin than outside Dublin.”

Department of Justice release: The release identifies the percentage of crimes recorded by Gardaí in 2020 that had been deemed ‘detected’ by the 2 September, 2020. A crime is considered detected when a suspected offender has been identified and sanctioned for the crime. 83.7% of drug offences in 2020 were detected.

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