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Quraishi, Shana and Chahal, Aksh (2021) The role of sports physiotherapist in confronting exercise addiction. Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 11, (2), pp. 47-51. doi: 10.15280/jlm.2021.11.2.47.

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Everyday physical activity plays an important part in health maintenance and disease prevention. Excess exercise, however, can cause detrimental effects on both physical and mental health. It can also hamper the quality of life to an extent that individual is unable to regulate this behavior. 'Addicted' exercisers are more likely to work out for intrinsic rewards and experience troubling feelings of deprivation. In comparison, 'committed' exercisers participate in physical activity for extrinsic benefits and, when they cannot exercise, do not experience extreme withdrawal symptoms. Sportspersons indulge themselves in long hours of training as a response of their quest to improve endurance and performance in the face of common setbacks. Recognizing the addiction to exercise is also a contentious idea and the aim of this article is to draw an attention towards the same. Exercise Addiction diagnosis needs employment of questionnaires such as Exercise Dependence Scale, Obligatory Exercise Questionnaire, and Exercise Addiction Inventory. They need to be employed in the pre-participation evaluation of an individual participating in any sports event.

Physiotherapists are often the first to meet an individual with exercise addiction. Physiotherapists play an important role in diagnosis of exercise addiction as well as in prevention as they are aware of challenges of treating exercise addicted patients and develop specific approaches to deal with their issues. As if it goes unnoticed, the prognosis can even be fatal.

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31 July 2021
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doi: 10.15280/jlm.2021.11.2.47
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pp. 47-51

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