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Probation Service. (2021) Probation service annual report 2020. Dublin: Probation Service.

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Despite an extremely challenging year, the Probation Service delivered our core business motivating offenders to change. This was achieved through the development of positive professional relationships, by thoroughly assessing each individual’s risks and needs, combined with the application of interventions and tailored responses. 

Top 6 offences resulting in referrals to the Probation Service

  1. Drug offences
  2. Theft
  3. Assault
  4. Public order
  5. Road traffic
  6. Burglary 

P.35 The three main re-offence types are Public Order and Social code offences (28.5%), followed by theft and related offences (24.4%) and controlled drug offences (16.3%). 

P.48 Strategic Objective 9: Improve the provision of drug & alcohol services in prison and the community: We will work together to increase equity of access, choice and person-centred treatment and intervention options. Co-ordination of Services will enhance clear treatment pathways. The experience of prison will be seen as an opportunity to address addictions with a focus on outcomes.

P.64 Offence breakdown of all referrals and orders made 2020 for drug offences and public order offences.

P. 65 Referrals by Court venue – 2020 - including Drug Treatment Court.

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