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[Oireachtas] Dáil Éireann debate. Other questions - Crime prevention [28087/21]. (03 Jun 2021)

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115. Deputy Richard Bruton asked the Minister for Justice the way her Department intends to support the implementation of the proposals within a report completed by a person (details supplied) on challenges of criminal activities affecting the community in Dublin 17. [28087/21] 

This question relates to the progress in implementing the policing dimensions of a report by Jack Nolan, a former senior garda, into the problems and "enduring challenges", as he called them, in an area of Dublin 17. 

Deputy Hildegarde Naughton: I welcome the recent report which has set out a socio-economic and community plan for Darndale and the surrounding areas in Dublin 17. Under the justice plan 2021, my Department is committed to supporting and working with Dublin City Council, DCC, to ensure the implementation of the report on Darndale, Belcamp and Moatview. 

As the Deputy is aware, DCC commissioned this report in response to the escalating levels of violence in these areas of north Dublin in 2019 and 2020. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the areas’ assets, services, and significant levels of State supports, as well as its inherent challenges. The Darndale implementation oversight group was established in February of this year and meets monthly, and is chaired by former Assistant Garda Commissioner Jack Nolan. The importance placed on the implementation of the report by An Garda Síochána is demonstrated by the presence of the local chief superintendent, superintendent and inspector, all of whom sit on the group. Further reflecting the importance of this work, the implementation group and my Department have agreed that the Department will also now be part of this group. 

While many of the report's recommendations relate to issues such as youth services, drugs services, the physical environment and community services and facilities, I am informed that implementation of the Garda actions is well under way, including the community hub proposal. As well as important recommendations related to crime prevention and dismantling gangs, two key recommendations include the need to strengthen community participation and leadership, and the need for more collaboration in the delivery of State services. This closely aligns with the work my Department is undertaking to develop a new community safety policy in line with the recommendations of the Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland. This new policy will ensure communities are safer and feel safer by making community safety a whole-of-government responsibility and priority, to be delivered at a local level through community safety partnerships, supported through a national governance structure. Three pilot partnerships are being established in Dublin's north inner city, Longford and Waterford and will run for the next two years. 

Deputy Richard Bruton: Is the Minister of State in a position to report on whether there is any progress in, as she rightly says, the disruption of crime gangs that are a real problem? In the prevention of young people getting sucked into the backwash of the drugs trade and in the setting up a structured community policing for those three neighbourhoods, do we have concrete evidence of new resources and methods in place?... 

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3 June 2021

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