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Goodair, Christine (2021) Reading around: Screening and assessment.

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A brief overview of screening and assessment with links to key evidence and resources listing tools used to screen and assess for drug, alcohol and nicotine use.

Assessment: This is the most important aspect of identifying substance use, misuse and dependence in patients, it includes the following:

  • History taking to ask questions about all aspects of substance use and the impact this has on the individual
  • Recording and making observations of the individual
  • Using screening tools
  • Undertaking biological testing for confirmation of substance use

When patients present to services, the reasons for presenting may be either directly or indirectly related to substance use. Screening and assessment are not the same: screening is an initial, simple enquiry about indicators of health problems the results of which may lead to further assessment. Often, screening takes place when the individual first presents to services, and can sometimes be referred to as triage...

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