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Joseph Rowntree Foundation. (2020) Reporting poverty: a guide for media professionals. London: Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

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Journalists, politicians and campaigners talk a lot about poverty – so what is it? Put simply, poverty is not having enough resources to meet your basic needs, like food, utility bills and travel. Fourteen million people are living in poverty in the UK – that’s one in five of us. We see poverty in countless stories: families struggling to make ends meet, soaring housing costs pushing people into debt, the rise of insecure and low-paid work, unequal access to resources, flaws in the benefits system cutting people adrift. This year, we’ve seen new issues: the pandemic leaving many children in low-income families unable to access vital digital resources, and millions more people swept into debt and hunger. This guide is for journalists who want to report on these complex issues accurately, sensitively and powerfully. We know today’s newsrooms are more stretched than ever, that journalists are doing ever more work in less time, and that journalists themselves are in a difficult industry.

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October 2020
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