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Alcohol Action Ireland. (2021) Alcohol Action Ireland's response to well-being framework a government of Ireland initiative, carried out by NESC. Dublin: Alcohol Action Ireland.

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Alcohol Action Ireland was established in 2003 and is the national independent advocate for reducing alcohol harm. We campaign for the burden of alcohol harm to be lifted from the individual, community and State, and have a strong track record in campaigning, advocacy, research and information provision. Our work involves providing information on alcohol-related issues, creating awareness of alcohol-related harm and offering policy solutions with the potential to reduce that harm, with a particular emphasis on the implementation of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2018. Our overarching goal is to achieve a reduction in consumption of alcohol and the consequent health and social harms which alcohol causes in society. We are pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to HIQA's consultation on national standards for children's services. 

My organisation wants an Ireland where:

People can achieve their full potential and enjoy good physical and mental health in a country that values public health and well-being and implements evidence-based policies designed to make lives better.  Given the significant difficulties alcohol harm causes for physical and mental health and the considerable strain it places on our health, social care and justice systems, Alcohol Action Ireland (AAI) has a long-term vision of an Ireland free from alcohol harm. In particular AAI believes that children should enjoy a childhood free from alcohol harm– i.e. to protect children in their developing environment from the impact of alcohol related harms including raising awareness of parental problem alcohol use, safety, marketing, sale and consumption of alcohol. 

What does my organisation value most in life?

What for you / your organisation makes for a good life?

  • Less alcohol use amongst the drinking population
  • Good physical and mental health
  • Equality of opportunity and access to health and educational services
  • Good quality housing
  • Peaceful and prosperous family life
  • Access to nature and clean, green environments
  • Opportunity to have voice heard in matters that affect you
  • Government policies that uphold public health and well-being against commercial vested interests. 

Do you have any thoughts on indicators that would be useful for measuring any of the areas of well-being identified in the previous questions?

  • Implement a rights-based approach to policymaking with ongoing monitoring and evaluation.
  • Alcohol related mortality and morbidity
  • Return-on-Investment from public health preventative programmes and strategies
  • Healthy Ireland well-being surveys
  • Growing up in Ireland surveys
  • Child Poverty
  • Homelessness figures
  • Average household net worth (this data is available within CSO)
  • Family wellbeing surveys including questions on domestic abuse
  • Mental health figures – eg waiting times for appointments, number of qualified therapists


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