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Mar, Yonina and Kunins, Hillary (2020) Treatment of alcohol use disorder. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University.

PDF (Treatment of alcohol use disorder)

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This guideline on the treatment of alcohol use disorder (AUD) was developed by the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute (NYSDOH AI) to guide primary care providers and other practitioners in New York State in treating individuals with AUD.

This guideline aims to:

  • Increase the number of clinicians in outpatient settings offering evidence-based treatment to individuals with AUD.
  • Increase the number of New York State residents with AUD who are engaged in treatment.
  • Reduce the number of alcohol-related deaths in New York State.
  • Promote a harm reduction approach to treatment of AUD, which involves practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing the negative consequences associated with alcohol use.


  • Purpose and development of this guideline p.2
  • alcohol use disorder in the United States p.2
  • role of primary care providers in the treatment of alcohol use disorder p.2
  • Development of this guideline p.2
  • Goals of treatment for alcohol use disorder and treatment options p.3
  • goals of treatment p.3
  • pharmacologic treatment options p.4
  • non-pharmacologic treatment p.6
  • choosing a treatment option p.7
  • Implementing pharmacologic treatment for AUD in the primary care setting p.8
  • managing alcohol withdrawal syndrome  p.9
  • initiating pharmacologic treatment p.10
  • table 1: pharmacologic treatment of alcohol use disorder in nonpregnant adults p.12
  • All recommendations p.14

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