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Vujkovac, Andrej Martin (2020) FYFA: focus on youth football & alcohol. Layman’s report (synopsis). Brussels: FYFA Working Team.

PDF (FYFA: focus on youth football & alcohol. Layman’s report.)

The FYFA (Focus on Youth Football & Alcohol) is a project funded by the European Commission’s 3rd Health Programme. It aims to reduce alcohol-related harm with a specific focus on underage drinking and heavy episodic drinking among youth in sports settings. With the project we want to:

  • Increase the awareness of different interested audiences at international, national, and local levels about the problems connected to young people, sport, marketing, and alcohol.
  • Identify the best strategies to reduce drinking and harm for young people in football clubs.
  • Deepen understanding of attitudes towards alcohol from young people in football clubs.
  • Increase the capacity of relevant stakeholders to implement good preventive strategies in sports settings.

By relevant stakeholders, we mean: Policy makers, representatives of sports organizations, professionals in alcohol prevention, researchers, and other concerned audiences. With this report we present a summary of the activities and results of the project for the lay public.

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International, Report
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Prevention, Harm reduction
October 2020
15 p.
FYFA Working Team
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Part of FYFA workpackage 2
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