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Quality Matters. (2021) A social return on investment analysis on the impact of DIAL House. Dublin: Novas.

PDF (A social return on investment analysis on the impact of DIAL House)

This evaluation aimed to identify the outcomes experienced by young adults who are service users of DIAL House and to explore the value of these outcomes relative to the cost of achieving them. DIAL is an acronym for Developing Independent Active Living. The report was developed for Novas, who aim to use the findings to further develop the service and to maximise outcomes for young people in the future. This report may also be of interest to other stakeholders, particularly funders and decisions makers, who are equally concerned with understanding the needs and concerns of young people leaving care and improving provisions for all young people at-risk of homelessness in Ireland. 

Novas DIAL House is a supportive accommodation service working with young adults aged 18 to 25 years old, who are leaving residential care or foster care or may be at-risk of homelessness. DIAL House offers care leavers with accommodation, access to one-to-one supports and life skills development training, as well as intensive case management supports. The service delivery model emphasises support for care leavers to develop the personal networks and life skills needed for transitioning into adulthood, so they can live a stable, healthy and independent life in the community. 

DIAL House offers two programmes for care leavers who are referred to the service:

  • The Two Year Life Skills Programme for young adults or care leavers between the ages of 18 to 24 without stable or suitable accommodations. Young adults reside in DIAL House and develop personal life skills, autonomy, independence and self-efficacy as they transition into living independently.
  • The Outreach Service is for young adults or care leavers with suitable accommodation, but who experience challenges that limit their chances of living independently or maintaining their tenancy. The service is designed to support young adults with developing their life skills and to help them to maintain their independence and tenancy in the community. 

The key findings of this evaluation are:

  • DIAL House generated a social value between €5.30 to €6.26 for every €1.00 invested in the service, which shows that the service produces good value for its investment.
  • Young adults attending the service reported they would not have been able to achieve the same outcomes by attending other services or agencies, if available. DIAL House offers a unique mixture of accommodation and life skill training to help young people with preparing for transition into adulthood.
  • DIAL House creates important outcomes for young adults who are leaving care or are at-risk of homelessness, such as an increased ability to live independently, improved mental wellbeing, increased social support and better coping and resilience skills. These have potential to change the course of young people’s lives, by setting them up to progress to independent living, education and employment, and avoid negative experiences, such as homelessness, addiction or unemployment.

DIAL House significantly benefits young people who are transitioning from care to living on their own, especially individuals with complex,

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