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Dickie, Elinor and Clusker, Tracey and McCormick, Duncan (2021) Medication assisted treatment: MAT standards for Scotland. Interim report. Edinburgh: The Scottish Government.

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The term Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is used in this document to refer to the use of medication, such as opioids, together with any psychological and social support, in the treatment and care of individuals who experience problems with their drug use. 

The standards of care for Medication Assisted Treatment

  1. All people accessing services have the option to start MAT from the same day of presentation.
  2. All people are supported to make an informed choice on what medication to use for MAT, and the appropriate dose.
  3. All people at high risk of drug-related harm are proactively identified and offered support to commence, re-commence or continue MAT.
  4. All people are offered evidence based harm reduction at the point of MAT delivery.
  5. All people will receive support to remain in treatment for as long as requested.
  6. The system that provides MAT is psychologically and trauma informed (Tier 1); routinely delivers evidence based low intensity psychosocial interventions (Tier 2); and supports the development of social networks.
  7. All people have the option of MAT shared with Primary Care.
  8. All people have access to advocacy and support for housing, welfare and income needs.
  9. All people with co-occurring drug use and mental health difficulties can receive mental health care at the point of MAT delivery
  10. All people receive trauma informed care.
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31 May 2021
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The Scottish Government
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