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Ireland. Department of Justice. (2021) Department of Justice. A safe, fair and inclusive Ireland. Statement of strategy 2021 - 2023. Dublin: Department of Justice.

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The Strategy sets out five high-level strategic goals that reflect the breadth, complexity and importance of the Department’s vision to work for a safe, fair and inclusive Ireland. In addition, an annual Justice Plan will be published each year which will set out our objectives and actions in greater detail, starting with the current year. 

1. Tackle crime, enhance national security and transform policing. Our aim is to build a safer Ireland by reducing and preventing crime, continually working to enhance national security, and transform and strengthen An Garda Síochána.

2. Improve access to justice and modernise the courts system. Access to justice is a fundamental right and a key enabler of an equitable and thriving society. The justice and courts systems must continually adapt to the development of our society and our economy.

3. Strengthen community safety, reduce reoffending, support victims and combat domestic, sexual and gender based violence. The Department’s responsibility includes widening access, and identifying and removing barriers, to the justice system so it meets the needs of the public, society and business.

4. Deliver a fair immigration system for a digital age. People all across the country deserve to feel safe in their communities and in their homes. We will strive to provide that safety by engaging communities, tackling recidivism, and supporting victims.

5. Accelerate innovation, digital transformation and climate action across the justice sector. Ireland benefits economically, socially and culturally from the diversity brought to our country by those who choose to travel here to visit, to study, to work and to live. The Strategy builds on recent organisational changes and we will continue to support our development and effectiveness over the next three years through investing in our people, systems and culture. It includes revised organisational values which were refreshed through consultation with all colleagues during 2020. 

The agreed values - Collaborative, Professional and Open - are those that guide us in the way we work now and in the future.


P.26 & p.28 - Legislate against the coercion and use of minors in the sale and supply of drugs.

P.28 - Establish a gambling regulator focused on public safety and wellbeing, covering gambling online and in person, and the powers to regulate advertising, gambling websites and apps.

2021 Justice plan document p.22-23

95. Building on existing work, begin a formal programme to establish a statutory gambling regulator, using a project management approach and cross-functional programme team;

96. Publish General Scheme of legislation to reform licensing regime for gambling and establishment of the gambling regulator, and

97. Finalise responsibilities for Director/CEO designate of new statutory gambling regulator (Q2), publicly advertise the position (Q3) and finalise appointment of Director/CEO designate

98. Engage with the work of the Night-Time Economy Taskforce with a view to reviewing and modernising alcohol licensing

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