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Keboa, Mark Tambe and Enriquez, Ninoska and Martel, Marc and Nicolau, Belinda and Macdonald, Mary Ellen (2020) Oral health implications of cannabis smoking: a rapid evidence review. Journal Canadian Dental Association , 86 , k2.


OBJECTIVES: To summarize evidence relating cannabis smoking and oral disease and highlight any potential influence of cannabis smoking on clinical care and dental public health.

METHODS: Using rapid evidence review, a librarian facilitated a systematic search of 5 electronic databases in August and September 2018 and updated it in March 2019, yielding 581 publications. Two researchers screened the documents using pre-established inclusion criteria: article was based on primary or secondary data; cannabis smoking was an exposure; at least 1 cannabis-related oral health outcome was reported; participants were humans; and the article was available in English or French. Data from retained articles were analyzed for themes without meta-analysis.

RESULTS: We synthesized and summarized 23 articles in 2 broad categories: cannabis and oral disease; and cannabis, clinical care and dental public health. Current evidence shows that smoking cannabis is harmful to the health of the periodontium. The association between smoking cannabis and other oral disease (dental caries, soft tissue lesions and oral cancers) is sparse and inconsistent, although studies suggest that cannabis smoking is an underlying risk factor. Cannabis smoking can lead to an altered mental state that can delay dental treatment of the patient. Further, interactions between smoked cannabis and adrenaline-containing local anesthetics can result in life-threatening consequences.

CONCLUSIONS: Cannabis smoking is harmful to the periodontium. Further research is needed to fully understand how cannabis smoking affects oral disease and how dental professionals should integrate this knowledge into clinical care and dental public health.

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January 2020
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