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National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre. (2021) Ketamine. Sydney: National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre.

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special K, K, ket, kitkat, super k or horse trank

What is ketamine? Ketamine is a dissociative general anaesthetic, classed as a hallucinogen when used illegally as a recreational drug.

Doctors and vets use ketamine because it produces analgesia (pain relief) and amnesia. It is also sometimes described as a horse tranquiliser due to its use in veterinary medicine. When sold illegally, ketamine usually comes as a white crystalline powder, but it can also be made into tablets or dissolved in a liquid (ADF, 2019). Ketamine is usually snorted through a small glass nasal inhaler (a ‘bumper’), although it can also be swallowed, smoked or injected.

What are the effects? The effects of ketamine may be experienced within 30 seconds if injected, five to ten minutes if snorted, and up to 20 minutes if swallowed. The effects of ketamine can last for approximately 45 to 90 minutes (ADF, 2019).....

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International, Guideline
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February 2021
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