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Taylor, Hannah (2021) Young people in drug policy advocacy. Drug Reporter,

1. Young people in drug policy advocacy - Part 1: Stop “protecting” young people from drugs and start listening to them, by Hannah Taylor, 25 September 2020 

Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Youth RISE are two international organizations focused on engaging young people in harm reduction and drug policy reform. This mini-series focuses on 6 young activists who are working around the world to fight for drug policy reform and to protect human rights. 

2. Young people in drug policy advocacy – Part 2: Global issues, local dynamics, by Hannah Taylor, October 6, 2020 

The second part of our series reveals how young people advocating drug policy reform cope with the new challenges and opportunities brought by the COVID-crisis. During COVID-19 lockdowns, Youth RISE has seen its members acting quickly on the ground to ensure that the communities of people who use drugs and other marginalized populations have what they need. Adapting to the difficulties of lockdowns and streets becoming more dangerous requires insider knowledge and a lot of trust. 

3. Young people in drug policy advocacy Part 3 – Youth organisations for drug action, by Hannah Taylor, January 18, 2021

Youth Organisations for Drug Action (YODA) is a European network that brings together organisations at the forefront of harm reduction and drug policy reform. YODA convenes independent organisations that are formally registered in their home countries to cooperate on projects and to share knowledge and support. YODA focuses on Europe due to the region-specific challenges that People Who Use Drugs (PWUD) and drug policy activists face, and aims to affect European drug policies.

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