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Central Statistics Office. (2020) Recorded crime Q3 2020. Cork: Central Statistics Office.


The continued impact of COVID-19 on crime trends is reflected in Recorded Crime statistics for Q3 2020. The total number of recorded crimes for the year ending September 2020 has fallen sharply in the categories of Burglary and related offences (down by 3,385, or 20.4%), Theft and related offences (down by 12,183, or 17.7%) and Robbery, extortion and hijacking offences (down by 281, or 12%), when compared with the previous 12-month period. See Table 1.1.

There have also been notable decreases in the numbers of crime incidents classified as Sexual offences (-12%), Attempts/threats to murder, assaults, harassments and related offences (-7.9%), Damage to property and to the environment (-9.4%) and Public order and other social code offences (-7.7%). By contrast crime incidents classified as Controlled drug offences increased by 1,818 (+8.7%) in the year to Q3 2020, and Weapons and explosives offences also rose, up 332 (+12.3%)...

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23 December 2020
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