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Central Statistics Office. (2020) Recorded crime detection 2019. Dublin: Central Statistics Office.

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Key findings

The proportion of crime incidents reported in 2019, which were detected by 1st September 2020, varies considerably by crime incident type, from a high of 87.9% of Group 10 (Controlled drug offences) incidents to a low of 12.0% of Group 02 (Sexual offences) incidents. Both figures represent a marginal increase on the equivalent initial detection rates for 2018 incidents published last year; +1 percentage point for Sexual offences, and +2.6 percentage points for Controlled drug offences. See Table 1.1.

The difference between the 'initial' and 'updated' detection rates for crimes reported in 2018 reflects additional crimes from 2018 which were detected between September 2019 and September 2020. The greatest increase was for Group 02 (Sexual offences) where the detection rate increased from just over one in ten (11.0%) when measured in September 2019 to closer to one in five (18.7%) when measured in September 2020, an increase of 7.7 percentage points for these offences. See Table 1.1.

There is a smaller than 2 percentage point increase for 2018 Group 07 (Burglary and related offences), Group 08 (Theft and related offences), and Group 12 (Damage to property and the environment) incidents between the initial detection rate measured in September 2019 and the updated detection rate measured in September 2020, indicating that the likelihood of achieving a detection for these offence types increases less over time than for other offence groups. As more data becomes available over time, it will be possible to see when detection rates for each offence group largely plateau. See Table 1.1.

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