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[Oireachtas] Dail Eireann debate. Scrambler motorbikes and quad bikes: motion [private members]. (17 Nov 2020)

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Deputy Seán Crowe: The misuse of scrambler and quad bikes presents a great danger to people in many of our communities when they are used by children or adults without any level of training, supervision or respect for one's neighbours. I accept that this problem is not occurring in every area but it is a phenomenon that is growing every year. Many of our communities are plagued by the buzzing noise to which other Deputies referred. I can often hear that buzz from my garden as the bikes go up and down the road all day, seven days a week. It is particularly bad at the weekend. I have talked to the Garda about how I have witnessed incidents where scramblers have been used on main roads and in green spaces. There is any amount of video evidence of such activity. Other speakers have talked about how these vehicles are being used by drug dealers. I know that is true because I witness it every day. Again, it is certain communities that are being impacted by this activity. There is clear evidence that the bikes are being used to transport drugs and I would like to see the Garda being much more proactive in tackling it……. 


Deputy Mark Ward: Scrambler and quad bikes have been the bane of our communities for several years. 

It is not uncommon for a person driving along the Neilstown Road or in Bawnogue, parts of Lucan, Knockmitten or anywhere else in Dublin Mid-West in his or her own car to be confronted by a young person coming towards him or her on a scrambler. As often as not, such young people do not have a helmet or any protective clothing whatsoever. According to the Road Safety Authority, 48% of incidents related to scramblers and quads involve persons aged under 18… 

..I will also raise the very real issue of scramblers being used for the transport and dealing of drugs. It is common knowledge in parts of my community that unscrupulous dealers are using young people to deliver and sell drugs. Unfortunately, using children as drug couriers is not a new phenomenon. Using kids to deliver drugs by scrambler, however, is relatively new. Dealers adapt to their environment in order to carry out their illicit behaviours. The problem is that the law does not adapt quickly enough to tackle this. While this motion is not directed at the illegal drug trade, it would go a long way towards stopping the grooming of children for use as drug couriers. 

Last month, Sinn Féin tabled a very sensible motion on fireworks and public safety. We saw a lot of nodding along and agreement with the rationale behind the motion from the Government benches, but the Government parties still voted against it. The public can clearly see that the Government is playing politics with people's quality of life and how safe they feel within their own communities. This is another motion that makes sense. The issue of scramblers has been raised by the Government in the past. I urge the Minister to do the right thing for the communities she says she represents and to support this motion........


(Resumed and amended on the 18th of November)

The Dáil divided: Tá, 84; Níl, 57; Staon, 0.

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17 November 2020

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