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We seized 3,229kgs of drugs with an estimated street value of over €23.63 million. We carried out 4,737 seizures of illicit tobacco products, valued at over €10.6 million, seized 543,000 litres of illicit alcohol valued at €3.3 million and seized 1,565 vehicles, for various offences (Tables 16 and 17). In addition, 259 gaming machines were seized as part of a national compliance project on the gaming and amusement sector.


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The Maritime Analysis Operations Centre (Narcotics), (MAOC N), is an international Law Enforcement Organisation based in Lisbon. It comprises of Law Enforcement and Military personnel from seven European countries including Ireland. A Revenue officer and a member of An Garda Síochána are assigned full time as country liaison officers to MAOC (N) in Lisbon. The role of MAOC (N) is to prevent illegal maritime drug trafficking into Europe. This year, the co-ordination of the interception of cocaine shipments from South America by MAOC (N) resulted in seizures totalling €1.8 billion from transnational organised crime groups.


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In 2019, we saw an increase in the number of larger seizures of illicit alcohol at our main ports. This is as a result of increased cooperation and intelligence sharing between Ireland and other EU Member States, in relation to the movement of product between bonded warehouses within the EU. A total of 543,194 litres of alcohol with an estimated value of €3.3 million was seized during 2019. This represents an increase of almost 700% in the quantity of illicit alcohol seized when compared to 2018.

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