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HIV Ireland. (2020) HIV Ireland annual report 2019. Dublin: HIV Ireland.

PDF (HIV Ireland annual report 2019)

In 2019, HIV Ireland supported a total of 507 people living with HIV (394 who identified as male and 113 who identified as female) with a total of 2,309 interventions. Interventions related to advocacy, 1-to-1 support for PLWHIV/peer support, counselling, information sessions, and queries.


In 2019, 89 (15%) of Dublin testing participants had taken drugs before, during, or after sex. Out of the 89 participants, 57% (n=51) had taken Poppers, 25% (n=22) had taken GHB (known also as ‘G’), and 12% (n=11) had taken Mephedrone (also known as ‘M-CAT’). 6% (n=5) had used Crystal Meth.

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