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BeLonG To Youth Services. (2020) BelongTo youth services annual report 2019. Dublin: Belong To Youth Services.

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Drug and alcohol service page 18.

Drug and Alcohol Service 2019 was a time to reflect and review our dedicated Drug and Alcohol Service. This service offers a safe, confidential space for LGBTI+ young people to discuss concerns around their drug and alcohol use with a Youth Worker dedicated to LGBTI+ drug and alcohol use. Our Youth Work team reviewed the service and identified a challenge in achieving optimum reach and impact for LGBTI+ young people. In order to reach a wider number of LGBTI+ young people, we decided to shift the service from a street-based outreach to a service-based outreach. This means that instead of targeting LGBTI+ young people on the street, we are reaching them through existing organisations which provide them with support. In addition to teaching larger groups of at-risk young people, this allows for relationship building with professionals and services working with this group. Our Drug and Alcohol Youth Worker developed an outreach plan to roll out in 2020 and created resources to support him with this new focus. Youth services, community services and drug and alcohol services within the North Inner City of Dublin will be targeted as part of this plan. The purpose of the service-based outreach is to twofold: make professionals aware of our service and support them in developing a safe space for LGBTI+ young people with their own service

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