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Ruhama. (2020) Ruhama annual report 2018. Dublin: Ruhama.

PDF (Ruhama 2018)

Ruhama is an Irish NGO and registered charity that offers nationwide support to women affected by prostitution, sex trafficking and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation. 

Street Outreach

p.13 The information in this section is based on unsolicited disclosures (i.e. Ruhama do not ‘interview’ women but rather give them space to discuss whatever they wish in the van). Therefore, we believe the %’s noted is an underestimation of the lived experiences of the women our outreach team meets through our street outreach.  

Women we engaged with spoke to our outreach team about complex and often chaotic lives. The challenges reported included:

  • Physical and mental health difficulties;
  • Family breakdown;
  • Domestic and intimate partner violence, control and coercion;
  • Debt and poverty
  • Sexual and physical violence
  • Addiction
  • Homelessness

60% of women reported dealing with drug and/or alcohol issues with many women consuming multiple substances.

In conversations with the women on this subject:

  • 40% related to the use of crack
  • 21% related to the use of heroin
  • 16% related to the use of methadone
  • 14% related to the use of benzodiazepines
  • 8% painkillers, pills, weed and other substances

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