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OECD, European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies. (2019) State of health in the EU: Ireland - Country health profile 2019. Brussels: European Commission.

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Experts from the OECD and the Observatory prepared a set of 30 Country Health Profiles, covering all EU Member States, as well as Iceland and Norway. The State of Health in the EU’s Country Health Profiles are designed to be a one-stop-shop for knowledge and information on a country’s health system, put into the perspective of a cross-EU comparison. They are accompanied by a Companion Report.

The Country Health Profiles are a comprehensive resource that covers the latest health policy challenges and responses in each country. The design of each profile balances depth and brevity to make the analysis accessible and useful to a broad audience. Although the profiles are built according to a standard template and methodology, each profile’s focus has been adapted to country specificities, so as to maximise the relevance of each analysis. Since their first edition in 2017, the Country Health Profiles have become a staple of knowledge and information among the EU health policy community.

Each Country Health Profile provides a short synthesis of the health status in the country, the determinants of health (focussing on behavioural risk factors), an account of the organisation of the health system, as well as an analysis of each health system’s effectiveness, accessibility and resilience. The latter follows the triple objectives set out in the 2014 Communication from the Commission to transform health systems across Europe and make them fit for the future. 

P.7 Behavioural risk factors have important impact on mortality

Around 40 % of all deaths in Ireland in 2017 can be attributed to behavioural risk factors, a share close to the average across the EU (39 %). About one-fifth of all deaths in 2017 (6 000 deaths) are due to tobacco consumption. Dietary risks (including low fruit and vegetable intake, and high sugar and salt consumption) are estimated to account for about 16 % of all deaths in Ireland. Alcohol consumption is associated with roughly 7 % of all deaths, while 3 % of deaths can be attributed to low physical activity

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