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Quilty, Aideen and Norris, Michelle (2020) A qualitative study of LGBTQI+ youth homelessness in Ireland. Dublin: Focus Ireland and Belongto Youth Services.

PDF (A qualitative study of LGBTQI+ youth homelessness in Ireland) - Published Version

Parental rejection of young people’s sexual orientation and gender identity can be a key trigger in the decision to leave home and can subsequently lead to homelessness according to a new research report released today by Focus Ireland and BeLonG To Youth Services. Participants (aged 18 to 30) also revealed a deeply concerning connection between homelessness and mental health problems as well as complex experiences of stigma and   shame.


The report identified a high degree of fear and anxiety among the young people when engaging with homeless services. The majority of young people interviewed (22 in total) were unwilling to enter a space, such as a hostel, where they feared that they would encounter a lack of understanding or blatant homophobic and transphobic attitudes among both other service users and staff.  On the other hand, the research showed an overwhelmingly positive impact for those who did access frontline services, such as key workers. However, some young people interviewed also reported instances of less positive interactions with both staff and clients of homeless services.

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