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Gambling Research Exchange Ontario. (2020) Warning labels and messaging for youth gamblers. Guelph, ON: Gambling Research Exchange Ontario. https://doi.org/10.33684/2020.002.

PDF (Warning labels and messaging for youth gamblers.)

Age restrictions and warning labels have been used in gambling to reduce harms for youth and vulnerable populations. This report provides an overview of adherence to legal age limits for gambling, ways to enforce age limits, warning labels, unintentional consequences, and guidelines for advertising. The report also includes a jurisdictional scan of age restrictions in several Western countries, and a review of the literature on youth and gambling, the awareness of age restrictions, and the evidence for age restrictions.

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Open Access, Report
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Behavioural addiction
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Prevention, Harm reduction
March 2020
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20 p.
Gambling Research Exchange Ontario
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Gambling Research Exchange Ontario
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Guelph, ON
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