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Gambling Research Exchange Ontario. Baxter, David G (2020) Systems of funding for gambling research. Guelph, ON: Gambling Research Exchange Ontario. Brief report prepared for the Gambling Commission, Birmingham, UK. https://doi.org/10.33684/2020.003.

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Funding systems for research are a source of debate in the gambling research community, specifically if the funds come from sources that rely on or benefit from gambling revenue. The main concern cited by critics is that the funder has a conflict of interest in favour of expanding gambling revenues and may influence the research process in a number of ways according to that interest.

This brief report introduces issues of current debate on gambling research funding systems, such as hypothecated funding models and voluntary vs. involuntary contributions, and presents current empirical evidence on the influence of funding sources on gambling research. It then details the gambling research funding programmes of 11 jurisdictions across 7 countries, and includes a table summarizing the programmes and their main advantages and disadvantages.

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International, Open Access, Report
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Behavioural addiction
March 2020
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Brief report prepared for the Gambling Commission, Birmingham, UK. https://doi.org/10.33684/2020.003
20 p.
Gambling Research Exchange Ontario
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Gambling Research Exchange Ontario
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Guelph, ON
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