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Gambling Research Exchange. (2020) Promoting couple therapy in substance use and gambling disorders. Guelph, ON: Gambling Research Exchange Ontario.

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Researchers at GREO summarise an article that describes an integrated knowledge translation workshop that brought together 20 stakeholders from mental health and addictions over two days. Participants included decision-makers, researchers, past collaborators, and doctoral trainees. The workshop aimed to build partnerships, raise awareness of current gaps in couple and family supports, and promote a change in the current health system. Surveys were distributed to participants at the end of both days to evaluate the workshop. Survey questions were discussed in two 30-minute focus groups.

The survey and focus group results showed that all participants, especially decision-makers, valued the workshop. The workshop allowed for the exchange of information and a call for action among all parties who attended. From the focus groups, the researchers identified six components of the workshop that had made it successful.


Cited article [requires subscription]: Lee, B. K., Gilbert, R., & Knighton, R. (2020). Couple therapy in substance use and gambling disorders: Promoting health system change. Contemporary Family Therapy. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10591-020-09536-8

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