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Gambling Research Exchange Ontario. (2019) Evidence brief: Scratch card near-miss outcomes. Guelph, ON: Gambling Research Exchange Ontario.

PDF (Evidence brief: Scratch card near-miss outcomes)

Scratch card games are an accessible and popular form of gambling in many jurisdictions. Recent research has started to examine features of scratch card games and their impact on gamblers. One such feature is the near-miss: an outcome that falls just short of a jackpot win. Despite being a monetary loss, scratch card near-misses impact gamblers significantly.

This evidence brief examines research about scratch card near-miss outcomes and their impact on gamblers (both physiologically and psychologically). Connections between scratch cards and gambling harm are explored. A jurisdictional scan shows the regulation of this game feature in various markets. Limitations of the current evidence and suggestions for future research are included.

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International, Open Access, Report
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Behavioural addiction
9 p.
Gambling Research Exchange Ontario
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Gambling Research Exchange Ontario
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Guelph, ON
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