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Livingstone, Charles and Rintoul, Angela and de Lacy-Vawdon, Cassandra and Borland, Ron and Dietze, Paul and Jenkinson, Rebecca and Livingston, Michael and Room, Robin and Smith, Ben and Stoove, Mark and Winter, Rebecca and Hill, Penny (2019) Identifying effective policy interventions to prevent gambling-related harm. Melbourne: Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation.

PDF (Identifying effective policy interventions to prevent gambling-related harm)

The purpose of this project was to explore potential policy interventions to reduce gambling harm, drawing on existing gambling research, and evidence from other areas of public health.

Three research questions guided the project:

  • What are the most effective evidence-based policies and initiatives to reduce harm associated with gambling, what are the gaps and what should be the priorities?
  • What have been the most effective policy drivers for change in areas such as alcohol, tobacco, physical activity and HIV, and how might they be replicated in gambling?
  • What effective policies used or proposed in other areas of public health could be translated to gambling?

The report authors conducted a review of gambling literature, while content experts provided narrative reviews of their respective health areas that considered issues such as social context, policy effectiveness, marketing and public education.

The report draws on these reviews to highlight policy interventions the authors believe will be effective in reducing gambling harm.

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