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John, Ann and Wardle, Heather and McManus, Sally and Dymond, Simon (2020) Scoping current evidence and evidence-gaps in research on gambling-related suicide. Birmingham: Gambling Commission.

PDF (Scoping current evidence and evidence-gaps in research on gambling-related suicide)

This report is the result of a stakeholder workshop to better understand evidence and knowledge gaps regarding gambling and suicide. Participants included stakeholders responsible for reducing gambling harm, as well as people with lived experience of problem gambling and suicidality. The workshop aimed to find themes in response to the following questions:

  1. What are the gapsin our knowledge about gambling-related suicide?
  2. What research can be done nowusing existing systems and procedures?
  3. What is the feasibilityof making changes to better capture the nature and extent of gambling-related suicide.

For Question 1, the participants identified gaps in research methods and research data, as well as knowledge gaps in public policy and clinical practice. For Question 2, the participants suggested doing relevant systematic reviews, qualitative research, secondary analysis, and research in partnership with financial organizations and gambling operators. For Question 3, participants made suggestions that would help achieve the goals in Question 2.

The group made the following recommendations for future research funding:

  1. Problem gambling questions be added back into the Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey for the 2021 wave
  2. A psychological autopsy study of coroner records, along with educational resources for coroners to improve reporting of gambling-related suicide
  3. A longitudinal cohort study of gambling similar to the Swedish Longitudinal Study
  4. A series of specific studies to inform intervention development and evaluate new interventions

This report is part of a three-report series on gambling and suicide in England. 

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July 2020
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Gambling Commission
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The research questions for this project were developed and set by the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (independent advisors to the Gambling Commission) and the project was funded by GambleAware.
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