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Jubas-Malz, Daniel (2020) Marketing regulations—attitudes and behaviours: synthesis of public opinion research. Toronto: The Ontario Tobacco Research Unit.

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Advertising influences perception of nicotine and tobacco products. This may create different incentives for groups to start using these products. Vaping, for instance, has been marketed as a fun or exciting activity and as a smoking cessation aid. It is important to consider how advertising influences perceptions of nicotine and tobacco products; that is, how these products are framed to current and potential consumers and through which mediums they are reached.

This report looks at the types of advertisements and promotional material different populations have been exposed to and how this has influenced perceptions of vaping products, and perceptions of regulations to tackle these concerns. First, we explore which kinds of advertisements different populations have been exposed to. This includes the content of the advertisements and where they were seen or heard. Then, we look at public perceptions of vaping products. This includes the features of vaping products, vaping as a smoking cessation aid, and the social benefits tied to vaping use. Next, we will turn to public opinion on proposed vaping regulations. Lastly, we look at spending habits of both vapers and smokers to explore the influence of cost on use of either product.

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International, Open Access, Report
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Tobacco / Nicotine
March 2020
22 p.
The Ontario Tobacco Research Unit
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