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Goyder, Elizabeth and Blank, Lindsay and Baxter, Susan and van Schalkwyk, May Ci (2020) Tackling gambling related harms as a public health issue. The Lancet Public Health, 5, (1), e14-e15. doi: 10.1016/S2468-2667(19)30243-9.

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Gambling is a highly profitable commercial activity, with providers including international corporations and governments. However, there is growing international recognition that gambling is a source of serious harm, and that there is inequity in the distribution of this harm, which has led to demands for action to protect public health. These concerns are reflected in the recent report from the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group, which calls for stronger action on regulation of online gambling. Although there is largely a consensus on the need for developing and implementing strategies to reduce gambling-associated harms, to date, the stated need for a public health approach to preventing harm has not been widely or effectively translated into action in the UK. The barriers and facilitators to effective public health action need to be understood to enable good intentions to be translated into effective action. The current context represents real opportunities for policy implementation, but also the threats to effective action that need to be addressed.

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January 2020
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doi: 10.1016/S2468-2667(19)30243-9
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