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Soilse. (2019) Soilse annual report 2018. Dublin: Soilse.

PDF (Soilse 2018)

We run two day programmes:

  • Our Henrietta Place programme will help you to prepare for detox and treatment.
  • Our Green Street programme will support you through the early stages of your recovery.  

2018 was probably the most challenging year in Soilse’s history due to a severe staffing shortage which had a significant impact on programme delivery and output. The unexpected long-term illness of our Head of Service left Soilse to a large extent rudderless at a time when the Soilse programme was also undergoing fundamental changes. Staff rallied to keep the programme open and provide a service to people in the inner city. However, the toll on staff was high and this was compounded by another key staff departure later in the year. On a positive note, however, the reorientation of the Soilse programme was largely – and successfully – implemented. We entered 2018 with an agreed, staff-supported plan for a major transformation of the Soilse programme from an addiction education and rehabilitation model to a recovery model.

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