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Tusla Child and Family Agency. (2019) Tusla Child and Family Agency annual report 2018. Dublin: Tusla.

PDF (Tusla 2018)

The Tusla – Child and Family Agency was first established on the 1st January 2014 as the dedicated State Agency responsible for improving wellbeing and outcomes for children. Tusla’s remit includes a range of broad-based and targeted services, as follows:
• Child protection and welfare services, including family support services.
• Family Resource Centres and associated national programmes.
• Early Years services regulation and inspection.
• Educational welfare responsibilities, including statutory education welfare services, the ‘School Completion Programme’ and the ‘Home School Community Liaison Scheme’.
• Alternative Care Services, including foster care, residential care, special care and aftercare
• Registration and inspection of non-statutory children’s residential centres.
• Domestic, sexual and gender-based violence services.
• Services related to the psychological welfare of children.
• Assessment, consultation, therapy and treatment services (ACTS).
• Adoption services, including information and tracing.

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