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Mental Health (Criminal Law) Review Board. (2020) Mental Health (Criminal Law) Review Board annual report 2019. Dublin: Mental Health (Criminal Law) Review Board.

PDF (Mental Health (Criminal Law) Review Board 2019)

The Review Board is responsible for reviewing the detention of patients who have been referred to designated centres arising from a decision by the courts that they are unfit to stand trial or having been found not guilty of an offence by reason of insanity. Under the 2006 Act, as amended by the Criminal Law (Insanity) Act 2010, the Board has the power to order the continued detention of patients or to order either their conditional, or unconditional discharge, having regard to the welfare of the patient and to the public interest. The Board also reviews the detention of prisoners, including military prisoners, who have been transferred to a designated centre suffering from a mental disorder. The Board can order their continued detention in a designated centre or their return to prison. The Board is statutorily independent in the exercise of its functions. The Central Mental Hospital is currently the only designated centre under the 2006 Act.

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