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International Consortium for Health Measurement Outcomes. (2020) ICHOM standard set - addiction. Boston: ICHOM.

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ICHOM Standard Sets are standardized outcomes, measurement tools and time points and risk adjustment factors for a given condition. Developed by a consortium of experts and patient representatives in the field, our Standard Sets focus on what matters most to the patient.

By creating a standardized list of the outcomes based on the patient’s priorities along with instruments and time points for measurement, we can ensure the patient remains at the centre of their care. For valid comparison, we know the importance of risk adjustment, so we also standardize these case mix variables. When developing a Standard Set, we bring together a multidisciplinary group of patient representatives, leading physicians and registry leaders to prioritize a core set of outcomes, which take into consideration outcomes from different treatments. Through the implementation of these Standard Sets, you can begin to measure, analyze and improve outcomes achieved in the delivery of care. We are continually reviewing our published Standard Sets.

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International, Report
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All substances
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General / Comprehensive, Drug therapy, Treatment method, Alternative medical treatment, Prevention, Harm reduction, Psychosocial treatment method, Rehabilitation/Recovery, Screening / Assessment
July 2020
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International Consortium for Health Measurement Outcomes
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