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Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights. Bardell, Hannah (2020) Drug policy and human rights in Europe: a baseline study. Brussels: Parliamentary Assembly, Council of Europe. Doc. 15086.

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While old and emerging patterns of drug use, drug related harm and drug related crime have put countries to the test, an increasing number of member States have developed sustainable solutions by bringing human rights into drug policies. This report describes, through concrete examples, how human rights standards should form an integral part of drug policy development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. It takes a proactive and holistic approach to counter societal problems related to drugs in a way that fully respects human rights. Political and infrastructural obstacles need to be identified and addressed to allow for the implementation of effective and human rights-compatible responses. While measuring the success and coherence of drug policies is not an easy task, the report advocates for the adoption of evaluation mechanisms and indicators tailored to a new understanding of drugs and related harm. Such indicators should provide guidance to member States taking on the challenge to review the impact of their drug policies on individuals and societies.

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International, Report
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Substances (not alcohol/tobacco)
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February 2020
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Doc. 15086
17 p.
Parliamentary Assembly, Council of Europe
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Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights
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