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Getty, Carol Anne (2020) Using mobile telephones to deliver Contingency Management interventions.

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Contingency management (CM) has a long history of application in both basic and clinical research and a strong theoretical background in behavioural sciences and operant conditioning. CM interventions involve the systematic application of positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is a form of operant conditioning which ‘reinforces’ desirable behaviours that are congruent with treatment goals by providing a reward (e.g. monetary rewards or vouchers) which is contingent upon demonstration that the behaviour has occurred.

Evidence-based treatments (such as opioid substitution treatment) are not achieving their full benefit due to poor adherence and high levels of drop out among patients. Identifying effective interventions that address these problems but that are also scalable and accessible to all is an important priority. Delivering CM remotely using mobile telephones has the potential to provide greater accessibility to those hard-to-treat substance using individuals or those who might not normally access treatment services.

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27 May 2020
Society for the Study of Addiction
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