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Alcohol Action Ireland. (2019) Silent Voices manifesto. Dublin: Alcohol Action Ireland.

PDF (Silent Voices manifesto)

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The Manifesto contains the specific actions required to advance the primary objectives of ‘Silent Voices’.

Silent Voices, an initiative of Alcohol Action Ireland, seeks to highlight the harm caused by parental alcohol misuse (PAM) and its impact across the lifespan. In order to tackle this issue, Alcohol Action Ireland is calling on government to:
• Adopt a whole-of-government approach to this children’s rights issue with an identifiable senior government official who has responsibility to advise, develop and plan appropriate policies and services. This aligns with the objectives of important government policies and programmes such as: Healthy Ireland; Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery; Brighter Outcomes, Better Futures - each of which signal that a whole-of-government needs to be proactively involved in improving the lives of children and families.
• Adequately fund and resource supports for children experiencing parental alcohol misuse and invest in primary care psychology services to meet the needs of both children and adults. This dovetails with commitments made in A Vision for Change and Brighter Outcomes Better Futures, that young people should have access to early intervention youth mental health services supports.
• Incentivise services working with children and families – including educational and criminal justice services - to become trauma-informed. This is in line with best practice in other jurisdictions5 and is a developing concept in Ireland too.

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