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Scharwey, M and Keane, Marcus and Duffin, Tony (2019) Ireland and the human rights of people who use drugs. Dublin: Ana Liffey Drug Project.

PDF (Ireland and the human rights of people who use drugs)

Human rights are the basic and fundamental rights and freedoms that belong to everyone. Both domestically and internationally, we recognise the importance of these rights. We have put in place legal structures and have made many commitments to protect them. However, these steps alone are not sufficient – we must also constantly work to ensure that our policy choices are grounded in human rights and are consistent with the structures we have built and the commitments we have made. Failure to do so results in bad policies – those which ignore or curtail the human rights of one group of citizens with little or no justification for doing so.

Table of contents:
Criminalisation or public health p.6
Criminalisation and human rights p.8
The right to health p.8
Prohibition of discrimination p.10
The right to privacy p.10
Criminalisation, rights and proportionality p.13
Proportionality p.13
Impacts of criminalisation p.14
Conclusions p.15
Appendices p.17.
• The Human Rights Framework
• The United Nations Human Rights System
• The European Human Rights System
• The Council of Europe
• The European Union
• The Irish Human Rights System
• List of Human Rights Treaties

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