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Central Statistics Office. (2019) Probation reoffending statistics 2013, 2014 and 2015 cohorts. Cork: Central Statistics Office.


The majority of those sentenced to probation do not reoffend within three years of their sentence
• Close to three in ten offenders managed by the Probation Service reoffend within one year and four in ten reoffend within two years
• In the most recent cohort for which a three-year reoffending rate is available, 2013, 45.3% of individuals committed at least one additional crime for which they received a conviction
• The level of reoffending within one year, by those in the 2015 cohort, subject to Post Release Supervision Orders (16.4%) is notably lower than those subject to Probation (32.7%) or Community Service Orders (28%)
• Males are more likely to reoffend than females (29.7% vs 28.5% in the 2015 cohort) but the gap between genders has decreased significantly compared to earlier cohorts where the difference was up to 13 percentage points (2009 and 2010 cohorts)
• There is considerable geographical variation in the level of reoffending. Data for the 2015 cohort indicates that 16.7% of individuals with a Co. Mayo address reoffend within one year compared to almost half (49.1%) of individuals with an address in Co. Westmeath
• Individuals referred to Probation following a Burglary conviction are more likely to reoffend than those referred for any other offence type. Those sentenced following conviction for Sexual offences are least likely to reoffend

The level of reoffending within one year has fallen from a high of 35.5% in the 2008 cohort to a low of 28% in the 2013 cohort. The 2015 figure was 30.3%. These figures exclude Post Release Supervision Orders which were included for the first time in the analysis of the 2013 cohort. Those aged under 18 are almost three times more likely to reoffend as those aged 45 and over. The level of reoffending by individuals on Post Release Supervision Orders (16.4%) is approximately half that of those on Probation Orders (32.7%).”

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