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Oberstown Children Detention Campus. (2019) Oberstown children detention campus: annual report 2018. Dublin: Oberstown Children Detention Campus.

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During 2018 there were 132 individual young people detained in Oberstown on remand and detention orders. Of those, 125 were male and 7 were female. During 2018, 60 young people served remand and detention orders, 64 served remand orders only and 8 young people served a detention order only. Of the 132 young people in Oberstown during 2018, 28 were Travellers and 13 young people were not Irish.


As outlined in an Oberstown report, Key characteristics of young people in detention: A snapshot (Q1, 2018), young people in Oberstown have experienced high levels of adversity and trauma including neglect and abuse, substance misuse and disengagement from the education system. Key findings of the Q1 2018 report showed that:

_ Over half (52%) of young people arriving in Oberstown had a mental health need.

_ 72% had substance misuse problems.

_ Just under half of young people were not engaged in formal education prior to arriving in Oberstown

_ Between one third and one half had suffered the loss of one or both parents either through death, imprisonment or no long-term contact.


Crinan –Drug Relapse Prevention Programme

The Crinan drug relapse prevention programme is a group work intervention initiative that aims to teach participants how to examine the triggers and the consequences for their drug/alcohol use. It also helps young people develop strategies to effectively manage and overcome any stressors or triggers in their environment that may cause a relapse. In 2018, 16 young people completed the programme.

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