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Homeless Link. (2019) Exploring patterns of Housing First support: resident journeys. London: Homeless Link. 37 p.

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Housing First is an intervention which has been proven to successfully support people experiencing repeated homelessness and severe and multiple disadvantage. International evidence has shown the approach ends homelessness for approximately eight out of ten homeless people with complex needs who other services are generally unable to support. The Housing First Model prioritises helping people access stable and independent housing, which acts as a stepping stone to help people improve their lives. Housing First is however much more than a housing intervention. The model is based on a commitment to provide individuals with intensive support for as long as is needed, even if they leave their accommodation. The provision of continuing high-quality support after a person has been housed, is key to ending homelessness and helping people address the negative consequences associated with homelessness (such as drug and/or alcohol dependency, mental and/or physical ill health and contact with the criminal justice system).


This report presents findings from in-depth interviews with 16 Housing First residents from across England. It maps their journeys and experiencing through support from a Housing First programme.

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Date:September 2019
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