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Alcoholic beverages are popular throughout Europe. The drinking patterns and the type of drink (wine, beer, and spirits) that is predominantly preferred may vary from country to country, but in all EU-member states alcohol consumption is substantial. In Figure 1 the litres of pure alcohol consumed per capita (total population) of 23 EU-members states over the years 1997-2003 are presented.

In some countries people tend to drink a regular amount of alcohol every day whereas in other countries people drink occasionally, but when they drink, they drink quite a lot. Figure 2 presents the self reported number of days in the past month in which alcohol was consumed in the 15 old EU member states.

In most of the southern wine producing countries like Spain, Italy and Portugal people tend to drink daily and in the northern countries (Finland and Sweden) people tend to drink only at the weekend. Considerably more men (72.9%) than women (49.9%) say that they have consumed alcohol in the past month. When the question is put: "How many times in the past month have you consumed the equivalent of one bottle of wine, five pints/bottles of beer, or five measures of spirits on one drinking occasion?", the results are quite different (see document Figure 3).

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