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World Health Organization. (2019) WHO report on the global tobacco epidemic 2019. Geneva: World Health Organization.

PDF (WHO tobacco 2019)

20 Summary

28 WHO framework convention on tobacco control and the protocol to eliminate illicit trade in tobacco products 

36 Offering help to quit tobacco use

52 Heated tobacco products

56 Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems

60 Tobacco industry interference: the greatest obstacle to reducing tobacco use

68 Effective tobacco control measures

118 Conclusion

120 References

TECHNICAL NOTE I: Evaluation of existing policies and compliance

TECHNICAL NOTE II: Smoking prevalence in WHO Member States

TECHNICAL NOTE III: Tobacco taxes in WHO Member States

APPENDIX I: Regional summary of MPOWER measures

APPENDIX II: Tobacco dependence treatment

APPENDIX III: Year of highest level of achievement in selected tobacco control measures

APPENDIX IV: Highest level of achievement in selected tobacco control measures in the 100 biggest cities in the world

APPENDIX V: Status of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

APPENDIX VI: Global tobacco control policy data

APPENDIX VII: Country profiles

APPENDIX VIII: Tobacco tax revenues

APPENDIX IX: Tobacco taxes, prices and affordability

APPENDIX X: Age-standardized prevalence estimates for tobacco use, 2017

APPENDIX XI: Country-provided prevalence data

APPENDIX XII: Maps on global tobacco control policy data

Appendices VI to XII are available online at

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Prevention, Harm reduction
July 2019
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World Health Organization
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