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Drope, Jeffrey and Schluger, Neil W, eds. (2018) The tobacco atlas. Atlanta: American Cancer Society and Vital Strategies. 58 p.

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URL: https://tobaccoatlas.org/

The book can be read as a whole— a comprehensive narrative of the complete "cycle of tobacco"— or each chapter can be read on its own as a core component of this narrative. Importantly, we have developed a new, more dynamic companion website to 1) provide comprehensive, up-to-date data coverage; 2) address other important topics that we lack space to cover here (e.g., smokeless tobacco and water pipes); and 3) offer a place where we will regularly introduce timely and relevant new content. We hope the Tobacco Atlas will inspire you to action to improve tobacco control in your country, and will provide helpful guidance on the many tools to achieve these goals.

Data on Ireland can be found here

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