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WHO Regional Office for Europe. (2019) Action plan on youth drinking and on heavy episodic drinking. Progress evaluation report. Geneva: WHO Regional Office for Europe.

PDF (Action plan on youth drinking and on heavy episodic drinking)

In September 2014, European Union (EU) Member States, represented by the Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action (CNAPA), endorsed the Action Plan on Youth Drinking and on Heavy Episodic Drinking (Binge Drinking) (2014–2016). The Action Plan was intended to complement the EU Strategy to Support Member States in Reducing Alcohol-related Harm and to provide a means to strengthen long-standing alcohol policy implementation in Member States while addressing key identified areas – namely, youth drinking and heavy episodic drinking. As agreed by CNAPA on 22 March 2017, the Action Plan was extended until 2020.

This report documents progress made in the activities that took place during the first period of the Action Plan, i.e. 2014– 2016. It focuses on the 20 operational objectives that make up the plan’s six action areas, using nine different data sources. The report indicates that Member States progressed in most of the six action areas; it further suggests that there is a need for better monitoring and support in policy implementation to ensure that a coordinated European alcohol policy with impact at country level can be maintained. The Action Plan appears to have been beneficial to the countries covered as it contained a clear framework for action at EU level that complemented and reinforced other valid strategies and action plans, while addressing the needs identified by CNAPA members. Guided by the wealth of data and results in this evaluation, we identify priorities for future concerted action from EU Member States, as well as priorities for future research.

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