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Oireachtas Library & Research Service. (2015) L&RS Note. Budget process and documents. Dublin: Houses of the Oireachtas.

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This L&RS Note seeks to explain how the annual budget process in Ireland works, as well as listing the main Budget documents. It acts as a guide for Members to the Irish budget process. This updates the L&RS Note issued on 30 September 2014 entitled “Budget process and documents”.

The Department of Finance has produced a document Medium Term Budgetary Framework1 (also known as a ‘procedural manual’). The document details Ireland’s budgetary framework, the fiscal rules, timelines and forecast methodologies used. This L&RS Note does not seek to reproduce the Department’s document. Rather, this L&RS Note seeks to elaborate on the annual Budget cycle and the role of the Houses of the Oireachtas in that cycle. Also included is a short glossary of terms used in the budget process.

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24 September 2015
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